Select link to see one of my graphics creations
Most of these were created for My Palace Site
All of them were created using a combination of
Visual Reality 2.0, Rio 5.0, and Thumbsplus.
With Rare exceptions they were created as .TGA files then converted.
Pangea2.gif (Pangea Realm - Palace)
villa02.gif (Roman Villa - Palace Gate)
b5rpgkz.jpg (B5 Role-playing Game Kzinti Ship)
kzftr01.jpg (B5 Role-playing Game Kzinti Fighter)
kzftr03.jpg (B5 Role-playing Game Kzinti Ship with fighters docked)
hntbldg7.jpg (VTM Hunter's Wear NVA Bldg 1)
hntbldg8.jpg (VTM Hunter's Wear NVA Bldg 2)
hntbldg6.jpg (VTM Hunter's Wear NVA Bldg top view)
7dsbldg2.jpg (Anthony the Brujah's Building - Daytime)
7dsbldg3.jpg (Anthony the Brujah's Building - NIghttime)

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