Who are the Children of Gaia?
And what do they believe in?

First Reality -
Children of Gaia are a tribe of werewolves in White Wolf's World of Darkness (WOD) Role Playing Game (RPG) series. This WOD series has been converted into collectable card games, computer games and a TV series. The werewolves are also known as Garou.
The portion of the series and conversions that contain Children of Gaia are:
White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse - This is the base Table-Top RPG.
White Wolf's Law of the Wild - a Live-action version of the RPG.
White Wolf's Rage CCG - also known as Rage I
Steve Jackson's Gurps: Werewolf: The Apocalypse - conversion of White Wolf system to the Gurps RPG system.
FRPG's Rage across Las Vegas CCG - FRPG bought Rage I from White Wolf and made some changes and then released it. Also known as Rage II.

Remember this is only a game.

And now for Fantasy -
The Children of Gaia (CoG) are one of the surviving tribes of Garou (werewolves) fighting on the side of Gaia. They are known as the peacemakers.

It might be easy to think of CoG as being typical environmentalists.
You know the Vegetarian, Animal loving, bleeding heart liberal type.
You are wrong!
Think about it.
Werewolf and Vegetarian - I don't think so.
Animal Loving - Well just a little. 
        Venison does taste pretty good.
Bleeding Heart - It is true we occasionally have bleeding hearts. 
        Usually of the used to belong to a Pentex executive type.

What we are is a tribe dedicated to protecting ALL of Nature. 
This means allowing Hunting for food, but it does not mean allowing hunting for sport only.
This means protecting Animals that are in danger of becoming extinct, but does not mean
worrying overly much about stray cats and dogs.
And most importantly it occasional means taking the fight to the real enemy when you can't find any other
way of behavior modification.
It is our belief that the way to fight the Wyrm (the expression of Destruction and Entropy) is by fighting the cause of the problem, not it's symptoms.
We are often derided by other Garou for not fighting directly against their common enemy. We are also mistakenly thought of as weak, because of our peaceful beliefs.
The other tribes are very wrong.
The CoG's efforts have probably had a more significant affect on the long term outcome of the war against the Wyrm then any other tribe. Our attitude that one should only fight only when necessary, means that when the CoG fight we have already decided that we have nothing else to lose, so we fight with the ferocity of one backed into a corner. We rarely lose when they are forced into a fight. Also, our desire for peace often finds us with far more allies then any of the other tribes. Sometimes our efforts are as subtle as a Shadow Lord. As an example: Teens are running around terrorizing the countryside destroying plants and animals alike. If we were Red Talons or Get we would just eliminate the teens. As CoG however, we will first try to track down the root cause of the problem. In this case we find the teens were neglected at home, because their parents are often sick or busy with work. We find out they are busy at work because some of them are sick. We then find out the reason some of them are sick is because of local drinking water. We find out a chemical plant upstream is not being properly monitored and is allowed to release unhealthy chemicals into the stream. We find out that the inspector is a friend of the plants manager and lets him get away with most anything. At this point we take a three pronged attack. One - Publicize the water contamination. Two - Arrange for protests of the plant to try and get it shut down. Three - Bring the inspectors relationship to the attention of his supervisors, with the goal of getting him replaced. Finally if any of these fail then we take action. The inspector goes first. Some of the other tribes would take out the plant manager first, but we take the long view. We know Pentex will replace the manager before the body is cold. With the inspector on the other hand we have a good chance that we can get a good inspector as his replacement, maybe even one of our kinfolk. He can then shut the plant down with the stroke of a pen. Much more efficient in the long run. Cost Pentex more, since they get fined, lose business, and have to spend more money upgrading the plant on top of it all. Also in the long-term, any dirt that we can actually get to stick to Pentex is worth it. What does this have to do with the teens, well after the plant shuts down or upgrades, parents get well start asking about their kids and call in the local law enforcement to shut down their activities. Sometimes even this does not work and we have to take down the teens, but at least the problem won't happen again for a long time, since we attacked the actual problem. On rare occasions we can make even the Get of Fenris look tame. Take above situation. We discovered the supervisor was being bribed to put said inspector in place. well we still have not figured out who bribed him although we have our suspicions. Let us say however, said supervisor is not going to be bribeable for a long time. Something about problems identifying the pieces of the body, especially after we found out he had been infested with a Bane. We liberated the bane from his body, although it was a bit messy doing it. Police are still trying to find who did it. Unfortunately the only talking witness claims a nine-foot high gray haired Wolf did it. Needless to say he is currently wearing clothes with wrist ties in the back living in a comfy padded room. I really hate the tribal curse.

For more information on My tribe read White-Wolf's Children of Gaia Tribe book - available from a lot of bookstores, Game dealers, or directly from White-Wolf.

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